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Diamond Challenge!

So we are starting a fun 2-week challenge where players all participate by mining for diamonds. It is non-competitive and the score is the total diamonds we all mine together.

Our goal is to total 150 diamonds by the end of the challenge on September 30

Players will then be given rewards based on participation as follows:

Minimum 5 diamonds to get rewards

5-15 diamonds is 1 Emerald per Diamond

16-25 grants you 3 Emeralds per Diamond

26+ brings you 4 Emeralds per Diamond


The score is visible for individual players in the right sidebard, when you hold Tab and above player heads.

Careful in the Deep my friends!


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  • 2017-09-16_13.33.46.png

Alright everyone, we all did a fantastic job getting motivated into mining. We all stand the richer for it. Payouts have been made! Enjoy!


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