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Bay Town and Snakes Den

In the northern lands near the Sea of Fortune the town of Bay Town was created by Atticus, Scudzy, and Zentor on lands that were first scouted out by Zellanett long ago around the Founding. It is quickly growing to be a mecca of trade and action with several shops popping up. The Dread Pirate Lord Scudzy had a significant hold constructed on the bay's entrance while Atticus began work on a lighthouse to guide ships in the Fortune Sea. Zentor has put up a stout tower on the edge of a nearby ravine from which he has begun mining operations, filling his new shop at the precipice.

Further east, deep in the sand wastes Frazzles took on the undertaking of establishing the town of Snakes Den near a villager settlement. He requested aid and Zentor and Atticus got to work constructing the Cactii Defense Line while the Dread Pirate brought the paved roads from Bay Town to the edge of the new sand city.

At a rapid pace, civilization spreads. Onward friends!

I'm so excited.

Looking for an exciting way to help in Snakes Den ask Frazzles_101 what you can do to help.


If you need assistance getting to Snakes Den ask Zentor or Scudzy to lend you a hand.

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